Starring: Tygh Runyon, Anthony Head. Belinda Stewart Wilson, Jed Rees
Directed By: Ryan Bonder

Adam Diamond is a man torn between loyalty to his dubious arms dealing father, Asperger’s-suffering brother and a desire to pursue a new life; free from a reconciled troubled past.

Trying to make himself invisible while working the coat check clerk at Tate Britain, Adam catches the eye of the lovely Claire who is also cut adrift in the world, recovering from an accident which ended her dancing career.

Both, were happily ensconced in their own solitary worlds find themselves inexplicably drawn together by their differences and some how become a likely couple. For the fist time, Adam sees a future beyond his dark past of gun running.

Adam’s demons resurface when he’s tracked down by a past lover and business partner. With her simple words, “Your Brother is trying to reach you.” He knows his quiet anonymous London life is about to come to an end.


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